Yoga Mats To Love

Yoga Mat - Flower Of Life Sacred Geometry on Gemstones


It’s easier to relax in a pleasant environment, so treat yourself to a yoga mat you’ll love exercising on or to meditate and put your crystal on the sacred geometry grid.

The flower of life is made up of many of the seeds of life. It teaches us that we are all made of the same cloth or the same blueprint.

It represents unity with others and with the Universe, and it helps us understand that there is no such thing as isolation, as we are all divinely connected.

Working with the flower of life through a healing process brings a sense of tranquility and inner balance. 

Our mission: You are going to have a unique product/garment. Why? Because we start the production when you order it as our mission of ethical and sustainable production, shipping and consumption to avoid pollution of mass production. Also you are helping us to support small business in USA.

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