Soulful Luna: The Soul Coaching Journey for Latinas Handcrafted by Zayra Mo, Your Spiritual Coach, Meditation Teacher, Author, and Artist!

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  • 3 Months E-Journal + Soul Coaching

    Experience a transformative and very personal 3months journey and coaching, aligning with the mystical phases of the moon, meticulously crafted by Zayra Mo to harmonize with your unique natal chart.
  • Natal Chart Interpretation

    Get an interpretation like never before! Easy to understand and easy to follow through your challenges and take advantage of your hidden gifts.
  • Moon Chart Interpretation

    One of my favorite readings which is about of your evolved emotional needs. This interpretation covers several years ahead.
  • Personalized Mala

    Embrace the strength and energy of a personalized mala, carefully handcrafted by Zayra Mo with natural gemstones, perfectly aligning with your intentions and natal chart.
  • Personalized Sound Healing

    Immerse yourself in the soothing frequencies, lovingly crafted to resonate with your inner being, fostering emotional release, inner peace, and a profound reconnection with your authentic self.
  • Oracle Reading

    Get the guidance of an oracle reading virtual call to untap your subconscious mind and reveal the map of your plans.
  • Virtual Calls

    Your guidance and coaching go more than emails with the virtual calls to be schedule during your journey.
  • Unlimited Online Access

    Say goodbye to mundane evenings after work with our exclusive online program Soulful Luna Coaching and the private online networking community Soulful Sisters to infuse your life with purpose, connection and vitality.

    If, within 7 days of your Soulful Luna 1-1 Coaching, you find that isn't meeting your expectations, we'll gladly issue full refund.

The Breaking Point

In the depths of a relentless corporate world, Zayra Mo, a resilient professional Latina, reached her breaking point. Despite her journalistic success, she felt like a ghost, her true self buried beneath the weight of a demanding career. The moment her spirit shattered, lying in a hospital bed after a broken jaw from stress-induced TMJ issues, was the catalyst. She vowed to break free from the shackles of a life devoid of meaning and connection.

The Awakening Ritual

During her healing journey, Zayra Mo rekindled her past – the vibrant dancer in Puerto Rico, the soul seeker who believed in the magic of the moon. She fused these profound memories with her expertise in alternative medicine, arts communication, and spirituality. The moon, with its timeless wisdom, became her guiding light. Through rituals under the moon's embrace, Zayra uncovered her own transformation and recognized the power to help others do the same.

The Birth of Soulful Luna

With unwavering determination, Zayra Mo birthed Soulful Luna – a revolutionary online coaching program. Rooted in moon cycles, Latino traditions, holistic practices, and personalized guidance, it became a sanctuary for professional Latinas yearning for authenticity. Zayra's unique blend of astrology, sound healing, and meditation aligned perfectly with her mission to empower others. Soulful Luna emerged not just as a program but a luminous path towards reclaiming one's roots and embracing life's true purpose.

Igniting Latina Empowerment

Soulful Luna's impact rippled beyond individual transformation. It ignited a movement of Latina empowerment. Zayra's Soulful Coaching services brought tangible elements – gemstones, palo santo, and jewelry – fusing ancient traditions with contemporary empowerment. Latina professionals embraced their cultural heritage, feeling less lonely, more connected, and equipped to conquer life's challenges. Soulful Luna became a beacon of hope, a sacred space where souls rekindled, dreams flourished, and authenticity reigned.

About Zayra Mo

Born in Puerto Rico and now living in Miami, Zayra Mo has the mission to mix arts with alternative medicine and Latino wisdom (recetas de las abuelas) through services and projects. Here she is bringing her spiritual coaching to the top as the creator of Soulful Luna Coaching ©.
  • 10 Years as an Alternative Therapist
  • Author of the Book Diana llega a la Luna
  • Sound Healer Meditation Professor for Miami Dade College
  • Certify others to become Life Coach @ DeiFit
  • Certify others to become Meditation Teachers
  • Producer of the Sound Healing Albums The Alpha Room, Magic Gardens and Moon Sounds
  • Creator of CHA (Chakras Harmonic Alignment)
  • Program director of DeiFit 2023
  • 2022 Winner of Residency Program in the Koubek Center
  • 2020 Winner of IFundWomen Coaching Grant
  • Certified in Somatic Yoga, Meditation, Personal Trainer, Sound Healer, Astro-Healing and Chief of Happiness Officer Diploma with Florida International University
  • Master in Arts of Communications in Florida International University
  • Bachelor Magna Cum Laude in Arts of Communications in University of Puerto Rico


About Spiritual Coaching



What truly sets this subscription apart is the cultural upliftment it offers. The journal is a masterpiece of design and intention, celebrating my Latino roots and allowing me to explore my identity in a meaningful way. It's been a source of connection and pride, and I find myself jotting down thoughts, dreams, and reflections that I never would have otherwise.

Maria R. , Miami FL

game-changer in my life

The lunar-guided personalized journal, enchanting gemstones, and cultural touches create a tapestry of connection and growth. This soulful experience has ignited my inner power and enriched my life in ways I never thought possible. Zayra Mo's heartfelt creation is a must for anyone seeking to embrace their true self and live with purpose.

Angie O., Los Angeles CA

A journey like no other!

This transformative journey is a lifeline for those yearning to rediscover themselves and navigate life's complexities with grace. Zayra Mo's exquisite craftsmanship in blending spiritual wisdom, artistic beauty, and transformative guidance is awe-inspiring. Each day's meditation, journaling, and soul-stirring practices unveiled layers of my being, fostering profound healing.

Susana M., New York NY

A Revelation!

A spiritual coach is a guide and mentor who assists individuals in exploring and deepening their spiritual journey.

Unlike traditional life coaches who focus on achieving specific goals or personal development, a spiritual coach primarily focuses on the client's spiritual growth, well-being, and connection to their inner self or higher power.

Here are some key roles and responsibilities of a spiritual coach:

Supporting Inner Exploration: A spiritual coach helps clients explore their beliefs, values, and purpose in life. They encourage clients to go inward, reflect on their experiences, and gain a deeper understanding of themselves.

Providing Guidance: Spiritual coaches offer guidance and insights, drawing from their own spiritual knowledge and experiences. They may introduce various spiritual practices, rituals, and teachings to help clients on their path.

Deepening Mindfulness and Awareness: Mindfulness and self-awareness are crucial aspects of spiritual growth. A spiritual coach assists clients in cultivating mindfulness and staying present in their daily lives.

Encouraging Emotional and Spiritual Healing: Emotional healing is often intertwined with spiritual growth. A spiritual coach supports clients in addressing past traumas, healing emotional wounds, and finding inner peace.

Facilitating Connection to Higher Self or Source: Whether it's through prayer, meditation, or other practices, a spiritual coach helps clients establish or strengthen their connection to their higher self, inner wisdom, or higher power.

Exploring Life's Purpose: Spiritual coaches guide clients in understanding their life's purpose and aligning their actions and choices with their spiritual values and aspirations.

Addressing Life Transitions: During times of significant life changes or transitions, a spiritual coach provides support and guidance to navigate the challenges and opportunities that arise.

Promoting Gratitude and Compassion: Gratitude and compassion are essential qualities in spirituality. A spiritual coach encourages clients to cultivate these qualities and extend them to themselves and others.

Creating Sacred Spaces: Spiritual coaches may help clients create sacred spaces or rituals in their daily lives, providing a sense of connection and sacredness in the ordinary.

Respecting Individual Beliefs: A spiritual coach respects the individual beliefs and spiritual paths of their clients, acknowledging that spirituality is a deeply personal and diverse journey.

It's important to note that a spiritual coach is not affiliated with any specific religious tradition but rather serves as a supportive and non-judgmental companion on the client's spiritual quest. Their role is to empower and uplift individuals as they explore their spirituality and find meaning, purpose, and fulfillment in life.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - Soulful Luna: El Soul Coaching de las Latinas

1. What is Soulful Luna, and how is it different from other coaching programs? Soulful Luna is a 3 months Soul Coaching program meticulously handcrafted by Zayra Mo, your spiritual coach, meditation teacher, author, and artist. Unlike other coaching programs, Soulful Luna integrates the power of moon phases, astrology, rituals and natal chart alignment - for premium programs - to offer a truly transformative and personalized experience. It combines ancient wisdom with contemporary practices to guide you on a profound journey of self-discovery and inner growth.

 2. Who is Soulful Luna for? Soulful Luna is designed exclusively for Latina women seeking a meaningful connection with their inner selves, ancestral roots, and life's purpose. Whether you feel emotionally disconnected, overwhelmed with work, or yearn for a more fulfilling life, Soulful Luna is for you. There are no age restrictions; this program welcomes all Latina women willing to embark on a soulful adventure.

3. What does the 3 months journey entail? Throughout the exclusive 3 months, you'll experience a series of guided rituals, assignments, and self-discovery sessions that align with the phases of the moon. Zayra Mo will provide personalized coaching based on your natal chart, empowering you to cultivate self-awareness, embrace your strengths, and create a lifestyle that aligns with your authentic self.

4. Can I participate if I'm new to meditation and spiritual practices? Absolutely! Soulful Luna is suitable for both beginners and those with previous experience in meditation and spiritual practices. Zayra Mo will gently guide you through each step, ensuring you feel comfortable and supported throughout the journey.

5. What are the benefits of working with Zayra Mo? Zayra Mo is not only a skilled spiritual coach and meditation teacher but also an accomplished author and artist. Her unique combination of expertise allows her to create a holistic and transformative experience for each participant. With her guidance, you'll gain insights, healing, and empowerment to lead a more fulfilling life.

6. Will I have access to Zayra Mo after the program ends? Absolutely! As part of the Soulful Luna program, you'll have the exclusive opportunity to stay connected with Zayra Mo and receive ongoing support and inspiration even after the journey concludes. The Soulful Sisters private community will continue to nurture and uplift you on your soulful path.

7. Are the program materials accessible after all the programs? Yes! You will have unlimited access to the program materials, including guided meditations, creative exercises, and self-development tools. This means you can revisit the teachings and practices whenever you desire, supporting your continued growth long after the program ends.

8. How do I join the Soulful Luna Sisters community? Upon enrolling in Soulful Luna, you'll automatically become a cherished member of the Soulful Luna Sisters community. This vibrant and empowering space allows you to connect with like-minded Latina women, share experiences, and celebrate each other's progress as you embrace your true potential together.

9. Is there a refund policy? Yes, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If, within the 7 days of the coaching programs or the box subscription, you find that Soulful Luna isn't meeting your expectations, we'll gladly issue a full refund.

10. How do I enroll in Soulful Luna: El Soul Coaching de las Latinas? To secure your spot in Soulful Luna, click the "Enroll Now" button on our website. You'll be guided through a simple and secure registration process to begin your soulful journey. If you have any further questions or need assistance, feel free to contact our friendly support team at .