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Yoga Mat Merkabah Sacred Geometry on Gemstone


It’s easier to relax in a pleasant environment, so treat yourself to a yoga mat you’ll love exercising on or to meditate and put your crystal on the sacred geometry grid.

The merkabah or star tetrahedron symbolizes the element of fire. It is regarded as the vehicle of light and has a mighty energy field.

It helps connect us with the inner strength and power we harbor, even if we are not consciously aware of its potency.

This sacred symbol blends the feminine and the masculine, the spiritual and physical, helping create a balance between opposing energies. It teaches us that differences can coexist and that we don’t have to exclude one another.

In a healing process, it is used to stimulate personal growth because it unites light, spirit, and body and helps us operate from a much higher vibration. 

Our mission: You are going to have a unique product/garment. Why? Because we start the production when you order it as our mission of ethical and sustainable production, shipping and consumption to avoid pollution of mass production. Also you are helping us to support small business in USA.

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