Let's GET REAL : What happens when you miss an opportunity? And how to make it!

Few weeks ago somebody told me when the opportunity meets the good luck, then I make a decision. What's "wrong" with this? And how - if you didn't notice - you did too. Let's Get Real!


Do You Make Things Happen or Do You Always Ask “What Happened?”

Make no mistake there are two kinds of people on this planet: people who make things happen and everybody else.

Everybody else seems to walk around thinking that somehow some way everything will fall into place. They think that as long as they make the right plans, for whatever reason, things will work out for the best sooner rather than later.

This is wishful thinking. In many cases, life is what happens when you're making other plans. You may have all these neatly laid-out plans. You might even have all sorts of contingency plans. You may think that you have it all figured out.

However, life doesn’t work that way. Sure, things may seem pretty clear as far as your plans and goals go but you wake up and you find out that you have stage 4 cancer. You wake up and you find out that you've been fired from your job. You’re going about your business and, all of a sudden, your business collapses because it got sued or your industry changed overnight.

Whatever the case may be, you find yourself in the same position as the majority of the Earth’s population. You find yourself asking, “What happened to me?”

Wouldn’t it be great if you were on the other side of this issue? Wouldn’t it be awesome if instead of constantly asking yourself, “What happened to my plans? What happened to my life? What happened to my body? What happened to my family? What happened to my relationships?” on and on and on that you end up asking a different question? Wouldn't it be awesome if you were the persons making things happen?

This is not a fantasy nor is it wishful thinking. You can make things happen. You do have that capacity in you.

The problem is when you are so stuck on your conscious mind, it's very easy for you to trick yourself into thinking that the way you've been doing things and the way you’ve been seeing reality is the only way to go. Everything else is a fantasy. Everything else is a theory. Everything else is speculation.

It is no surprise that a lot of people who desperately need me help to turn their lives around actively refuse that help. How come? They laugh off the idea that a simple change in their mindset or, better yet, tapping into their subconscious will help them achieve breakthroughs. They laugh these ideas off as fantastical and simply unrealistic.

What is realistic? Constantly feeling that you're a victim and nothing that you work on ever seems to work or taking responsibility for your life and exploring all the options you have available to you?

It turns out the most powerful tool that we could ever use to make things happen in our life is already right smack-dab in the middle of our ears. I’m talking about yourself subconscious mind.

Unfortunately, a lot of people dismiss this. They don't even acknowledge that they have a subconscious mind. Instead, they’d rather keep banging their head against a wall in the fruitless hope that somehow some way something gets knocked loose and their problems magically disappear. What are the chances of that happening?

Do yourself a big favor. Click here to understand how your subconscious mind works and how you can tap it to take your life to the next level. If you don't do it, nobody else will. Take the initiative today.


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