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Yoga Mat Octahedron Solid Platonic onn Gemstones


It’s easier to relax in a pleasant environment, so treat yourself to a yoga mat you’ll love exercising on or to meditate and place your crystals in the sacred geometry grid.

An octahedron has six vertices, and eight triangular faces, out of which four meet. Octahedron resonates with our emotional body. It represents matters of the heart, our feelings, and how we instinctively react to events and our environment.

The octahedron symbolizes universal and unconditional love. When using sacred geometry shapes for healing, an octahedron can be the perfect catalyst for opening the heart space, forgiving ourselves and others. 

This solid helps us accept what we can’t change and integrate parts of ourselves that we are used to rejecting. Because of that, including it in our healing process helps nurture our true essence and teaches us to learn from and embrace our inner world, cultivating creativity.

Fluorite is a perfect example of an octahedron structure in nature, exhibiting all qualities of this platonic solid. 

Our mission: You are going to have a unique product/garment. Why? Because we start the production when you order it as our mission of ethical and sustainable production, shipping and consumption to avoid pollution of mass production. Also you are helping us to support small business in USA.

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