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Ultimate Love - Natural Rose Quartz with Wood Beads 108 Mala Necklace for Prayer and Meditation


Handcrafted by Zayra Mo, Ultimate Love is a Natural Rose Quartz with Wood Beads 108 Mala Necklace for Prayer and Meditation.

What Is The Meaning Of Rose Quartz?

The pink quartz means love and compassion. It is a stone that you should always have near to you because of its universal love properties, and its ability to heal so many different things. 

If you can’t keep it close, it is a great idea to have it somewhere that is easily accessible allowing you to turn to it often. While many believe it is attached solely to romantic love, it is actually attached to all types of love, ranging from self-care to family bonds, to relationships between partners and spouses. It focuses on a soft brand of love, including even the healing powers of communication. 

Benefits And Healing Properties Of Rose Quartz

The healing properties of rose quartz are typically attached to joy, abundance, love, and also energy. It is able to prevent heart attacks and thrombosis. By developing and improving your circulation system, it aids in ensuring your muscles can be strong and as smooth as possible.

Throughout history, there are records of mothers-to-be making use of rose quartz during their pregnancies. People say that the pink crystal is able to protect the unborn baby as well as the mother throughout the 9 months of pregnancy. 

This is because of the strong feminine energy associated with this stone. It aids in love energy flowing freely, and it is also known to create incredibly strong bonds between a mother and her child.

In many parts of the world, it is referred to as the Heart Stone, a fitting name for a stone with healing properties strongly linked to the heart. It can be used to assist with healing from trauma, or other emotional wounds. For those desiring more love to be a part of their lives, the stone can assist. This can be a focus on romantic love, but can also be other forms of love, such as compassion and friendship.

What Does Rose Quartz Attract?

The pink quartz crystal has the ability to attract love. It attracts love into your world in all its forms; romantic love, but also friendship, nurturing, communication with peers and partners. It also has a strong association with self-love.

The stone has been used in the past as a symbol of good luck. A person can use the stone to maintain youth and enhance beauty. It is also believed by some to have magical powers. The Romans even used this gem to symbolize ownership.

How To Cleanse And Recharge Rose Quartz?

To cleanse the stones so that you can get rid of negative energy, place it underwater for a full day. In order to recharge the crystal, leave it submerged in saltwater for at least 48 hours, or longer if at all possible. 

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