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Happy Fortune - Natural Citrine with Wood Beads 108 Mala Necklace for Prayer and Meditation


Handcrafted by Zayra Mo, Happy Fortune is a natural Citrine with Wood Beads 108 Mala Necklace for Prayer and Meditation.

Citrine makes for an excellent addition to pieces of jewellery, as it adds a beautiful pop of colour and its rich earth tones complement most outfits.

Other than just aesthetic purposes, it’s believed that citrine contains a solar quality of energy, as its colours are similar to that of the sun. This makes it a good crystal with plenty of healing properties for both emotional and physical ailments.

Throughout history, citrine stones have been known as ‘the merchant’s stone’ as many believe that they can attract money. In feng shui, citrine is a stone that brings about good wealth and fortune.

What Does Citrine Symbolise?

Due to their warm colours, citrine stones evoke images of warmth, sun and illumination. As a result, the stones have been symbols of romance, positivity and happiness for hundreds of years.

More recently, and perhaps in large part because of the origins of its name, the citrus-coloured gemstone has become a symbol of vitality, freshness, new beginnings, mental clarity and emotional well-being.

What Are The Healing Properties Of Citrine?

Citrine is said to have many healing properties.

In an emotional sense, the stone is said to help its bearer strengthen their self-esteem. It’s also thought that citrine stones can bring about a more positive and vibrant flow of energy in and around the body.

In a physical sense, citrine’s healing properties include improving digestion and strengthening endurance. In ancient times, healers used these stones to purify the body of toxins, improve the circulation of blood and strengthen the immune system. Essentially, you can think of citrine as a natural hot spring in gem form! The stone was also used as a means of warding off disease and guarding against venomous snakes.

What Chakra Is Citrine Associated With?

As a whole, it’s believed that citrine helps to cleanse chakras and open up the windows of intuition, creating a greater sense of alertness and a spiritual connection to one’s self. This is thought to make you wiser and more observant.

More specifically, citrine crystals are associated with the sacral chakra. This chakra is vital for creativity and manifestation. An alert sacral chakra is important to awaken one’s abilities and creative imagination. Many believe that the stone’s energy flows into the bearer’s body directly from the sacral chakra, and then spreads into the solar plexus, enhancing one’s willpower.

Citrine crystals push us to look to the future and imagine all that could be, instead of being stuck in the past looking at all that has been.


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