NEW!!!! Mala + Buddha Poster (Size 12 x 18) + VIP Access (Download the music meditation cd The Alpha Room, the video masterclass and ebook The Art Of Meditation).

About the mala:

Handcrafted with rose quartz gemstones this mala amplifies unconditional love by removing blockages that are woven into our hearts from years of fear or being hurt or from simply put aside a time to love yourself. For its high content of silicon dioxide, this gem is a great detoxifying agent for body areas that relate to the emotions - such as the heart - and also balances the circulatory system. In terms of astrology, Rose Quartz is ideal for the signs Taurus and Libra. Made in the United States. Mala necklace. Crafted with natural gemstones and wood beads. To use, put on your mala, state your intention and start enjoying the healing properties during meditation. Steps to intent: 1. Ask yourself: What do I attract into my life? 2. Determine your goal and intention. 3. Dress the part as long as you think necessary. 4. Enjoy the results.


Releasing Love Rose Quartz Mala with Buddha Pendant + Meditation Kit

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    Made with love Zayra Mo.