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Made with love Zayra Mo.

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With 7 gems or quartz for your chakra system, this bracelet with wooden basins and Budha basin is a symbol of harmony, union and prosperity. It is also a tool to connect with you, with others and with your spiritual beliefs.


This bracelet uses quartz. Quartz is part of the alternative medicine called crystal therapy. What is crystal therapy? The crystals are composed of minerals, and other compounds that arise from the depths of the earth. Its molecular and geometric structure is beautiful, and has been used for thousands of years for physical, mental and spiritual healing.

The Egyptians used it, the kings also, the Indians did not say it. Currently they are starting to use crystals but their properties have not been disclosed yet, even when scientists like Marcel Vogel - a scientist from the IBM computer company, divulged it decades ago.

Why is it used, is it that it has powers !? Well the power of crystals, when they are of high quality, is that they transmit their energy to our physical, mental and spiritual bodies. Then the human being begins to copy their geometric structures. And why do we want to copy these structures? Because we are crystals too! Our bones are crystals, in our brain we have a crystal, called magnetite, that helps us with the location, in short ...

With the passage of time, our crystals have been attacked by the pollution that is seen and not seen. From the smoke, the white sugar, the pork, the wifi, the water with fluoride, in short ... our bodies struggle constantly against this, and sometimes our cell structure fails. Our crystals can not maintain their natural structure in the cell division that allows us to continue living. Behold, we suffer diseases.

Here comes the good! I chose to study crystal therapy thoroughly (and I'm still learning) because when we do not have our body in balance, we can use this extra help from Mother Earth, natural and beautiful to look. And because, more importantly, we have real contact with the crystals. The human being is piezo-electric (energy transporter) like crystals. And there the natural, non-invasive relationship of being able to receive that energy and codes of the crystals that our being will be copying.

Budha Bracelet for the 7 Chakras

  • Garnet - for the 1st chakra
    Carnelian - for the 2nd chakra
    Eye of Tiger - for the 3rd chakra
    Aventurine- for the 4th chakra
    Aquamarine - for the 5th chakra
    Lapis Lazuli - for the 6th chakra
    Amethyst - for the 7th chakra