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Made with love Zayra Mo.

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Handcrafted with clear quartz beads and wood beads. The many effects of Clear Quartz are derived from its rich composition in silicon dioxide that offers pure vibrations to our electromagnetism, reaching inward to accomplish balance for many organs. The effects of this gemstone amulet also include relieving headaches, back pain and pain from herniated discs, as well eye-related problems, and don't forget its calming effects on abdominal ailments and menstruation. Ideal for the zodiac sign of Leo to seek power without affecting others and Geminis who desire to become more tolerant. For meditation, we recommend placing in any chakra you need to harmonize. Made in the United States. Mala necklace. Crafted with natural gemstones and wood beads. To use, put on your mala, state your intention and start enjoying the healing properties during meditation. Steps to intent: 1. Ask yourself: What do I attract into my life? 2. Determine your goal and intention. 3. Dress the part as long as you think necessary. 4. Enjoy the results.


Calming and Relief Clear Quartz Mala with Buddha Pendant