NEW!!!! Mala + Buddha Poster (Size 12 x 18) + VIP Access (Download the music meditation cd The Alpha Room, the video masterclass and ebook The Art Of Meditation).


About the mala:

Handcrafted with Tiger Eye which is the stone naturally attracts abundance into your life, in the forms of people who will help and resources you need, while it will also keep under control the desire to want more and more, due to the energy balance of yin-yang in the body. Tiger Eye integrates the hemispheres of the brain and brings clarity to your true intentions. In other areas, it helps fight nightmares, strengthens the heart and is ideal to wear before competing, for energy to the muscles - especially those around the solar plexus chakra. It also helps migraine headaches and joint spasms, and strengthens the liver. In astrology, Tiger's Eye helps Gemini to see situations more clearly and focus better. The natural arrogance of a Leo is very well controlled, and Virgos are free to express their feelings. For meditation with Tiger's Eye, I recommend placing it in the solar plexus chakra to harmonize your needs. The Tiger's Eye amulet necklace is available in both Natural and Fuchsia colors. Made in the United States. Mala necklace. Crafted with natural gemstones and wood beads. To use, put on your mala, state your intention and start enjoying the healing properties during meditation. Steps to intent: 1. Ask yourself: What do I attract into my life? 2. Determine your goal and intention. 3. Dress the part as long as you think necessary. 4. Enjoy the results.


Abundance Tiger Eyer Mala with Buddha Pendant+ Meditation Kit

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