Your third eye is constantly in attack because the water and more.

Did you know most of the water services in USA put the neurotoxin fluoride, which also is in many toothpastes? And fluoride affects our pineal gland, better know third eye.

According to the Fluoride Action Network which published the the investigation of Jennifer Luke’s Ph.D. the pineal gland – a little gland in the center of the brain, responsible for a very large range of regulating activities (it produces serotonin and melatonin) - was also a calcifying tissue, like the teeth and the bones, she hypothesized it would concentrate fluoride to very high levels.

Luke had 11 cadavers analyzed in the UK. As she predicted she found astronomically high levels of fluoride in the calcium hydroxy apatite crystals produced by the gland. The average was 9000 ppm and went as high as 21,000 in one case. These levels are at, or higher, than fluoride levels in the bones of people suffering from skeletal fluorosis. She also found that fluoride lowered the production of melatonin in animal studies - the hormone produced by the pineal gland.

Luke also noted a finding from the first 10-year follow-up health study of the Newburgh-Kingston fluoridation trial (which was not thought significant at the time) that on average the girls in Newburgh started menstruation 5 months earlier than the girls in the control, non-fluoridated, city of Kingston. More about her investigation HERE and HERE.

In USA the studies are not many because the lack of understanding of the role of the human pineal. Because of this, there is an enormous effort underway, by the international scientific community, to obtain this knowledge.

Well, the pineal gland was commonly dubbed the “third eye” for many reasons, including its location deep in the center of the brain and its connection to light. Mystic and esoteric spiritual traditions suggest it serves as a metaphysical connection between the physical and spiritual worlds.

For Buddhists, the pineal is a symbol of spiritual awakening. In Hinduism, the pineal is the seat of intuition and clairvoyance. For Taoists, the pineal is the mind's eye or heavenly eye. In ancient Egypt, we find numerous references to the third eye and the pineal region.

In the Hindu tradition, the third eye is called the ajna chakra. Hindus believe that a blocked ajna chakra leads to: Uncertainty, Confusion, Jealousy, Cynicism, and Pessimism.

But when the third eye is open, we perceive reality differently. We experience more:

Clarity, Intuition, Empathy, Focus, and Decisiveness.

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All stated in the 1950s, when dentists believed that fluoride was a “nutrient.” A nutrient is a vitamin or mineral that is necessary for good health. Dentists believed that fluoride ingestion during childhood was necessary for strong, healthy teeth. A “fluoride deficiency” was thus believed to cause cavities, just like a deficiency of calcium can cause osteoporosis, or a deficiency of vitamin-D can cause rickets. It is now known, however, that fluoride is not a nutrient. As acknowledged by the CDC, the fluoride content of a tooth has little bearing on whether or not the tooth will develop a cavity. According to the CDC:


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