You asked it and now we have it: hand sanitizer, face mask, aromatherapy and more ...

You asked for HAND SANITIZER, FACE MASK, BOOST YOUR RESPIRATORY SYSTEM, SLEEP BETTER AND PURIFY YOUR HOME? We got the essentials to be clean, sleep better, boost your immune system and purify your home with good vibes. If you need something else, please write a comment to this post and we start to ask our partners the possibility to have it here.

Hand Sanitizer buy it here only for $10

Face Mask - 8 unique designs! Buy it HERE / Each one for only $20

Boost your respiratory system with the wonderful kit we create with a Eucalyptus Essential Oil where you can apply to the green tassel pendant in a ball chain necklace. Buy it here for only $20

Are you feeling stress, insomnia, anxiety, depression, and restlessness. We create a wonderful kit to help you overcome these symptoms with a Lavender Essential Oil where you can apply to the lava stone pendant in a chocker necklace. Buy yours for only $20 HERE

Is time to smudge yourself and your house to invite positive energy with the healing power of palo santo, lavender and crystals to purifying and clean the air during these days which we are been in house most of the time. Buy your kit for only $20 HERE



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