You are cordially invited to my next Mass Meditation Music Concert in the next festival Yoga Fun Day

If you missed my last concert, here the next opportunity at Yoga Fun Day in March 22th, 2020 in Gulfstream Park in Hallandale Beach.

Mass Meditation Music Concert with the artist and healer Zayra Mo at Yoga Fun Day will  be a live performance where the meditators will enjoy the unique style  of Mo which with her super set of crystal singing bowls combine the  power of vibrations, healing frequencies, and an uplifting flow. Some of  sound healing elements Mo use are the 432hz frequencies, chakras  frequencies, alpha and theta healing frequencies. Her sound bath will be  very unique for the Yoga Fun Day because Mo will be accompanied by  other artists like Ivonne Hernandez from Mystic Mantra Band who play  crystal singing bowls, sound therapy instruments, and healing vocal  sounds. This concert will be a super-powerful healing session where  everyone will want to experience!


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Made with love Zayra Mo.