Why do you want to be part of CHA Method Program?

Im very happy to create CHA Method Program; Chakras Harmonic Alignment which already certified individuals around the globe who are helping others in the journey to balance, align and shine all the great opportunities we have in our chakras.

From holistic practitioners like yoga teachers, meditation teachers, reiki and more, we are growing the healing movement.

I want to invite you to join CHA Method and used as an extra in your holistic services or start a new adventure.

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About Master CHA Method Program Certification Diploma; Chakras Harmonic Alignment with Sound Healing with Crystal Singing Bowls, Color Therapy, Meditations, Yoga, Money Attraction and more. The word chakra comes from the sanskrit meaning wheel or circle. In this program were are going to focus in the mayor seven chakras or wheels from the base of your spine to the top of your head. The function of each of the chakras is to spin and rotate and keep the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical body all in alignment. When we get sick or ill, it is a sign that one or more of the chakras is out of alignment. Is an energy you have but don’t see. Is part of your “holographic” field which other energy bodies co-exist like the aura. As a sound healer and a certified holistic practitioner, I want to share my technique CHA Method which I’ve been use with my patients, in my concerts and with myself. It’s VERY important to have this information because I always say is more powerful when you combine the information and the practice together. This is an important STEP in your healing journey because healing is about revitalizing and regenerative process that can occur on emotional, spiritual and physical level. It’s different from curing, because cure refers to complete biological resolution of a disease state. That’s why HEALING is so important and popular these days because you are preventing a disease. Here you are going to learn and practice a lot. I put ALL MY KNOWLEDGE in a simple but a powerful way to you. If your are a yoga student, or a holistic enthusiast, or a sound healing lover, or a yoga teacher, or a holistic and alternative medicine practitioner, or just curious about this information, this is the program to start. You are going to receive valuable information about the chakra system and how to start and - ALSO GIVE TO OTHERS - the Chakras Harmonic Alignment Method - as I founded as the CHA Method. Your are going to learn and practice and teach to other different techniques to heal the chakras with my exercises and techniques like sound healing, yoga, mantras, specific meditations, breathing exercises, visualizations and more. Your are going to know which is your strongest chakra with a quiz to focus on it. You are going to learn how create sessions for others and if you want it - have me in your event! Yes, I will love to support you! A SPECIAL GUIDE will provide to you. Please REMEMBER - after your final assignment - you are going to receive my beautiful DIPLOMA to display in your practice or as a presentation for your portfolio if you want to start sessions for others. Im glad you are part of this conscious movement to heal yourself and ultimate be an agent to heal other. I need more people like you because TOGETHER we will create a world we want to live.

Made with love Zayra Mo.