Special Kit for Love - Get the necklace rose quartz and 5 sound healings.

Get this SPECIAL PACKAGE: the talisman rose quartz and 5 sound healings to meditate or just to be connected with the energy of love.
After your purchase, you'll receive an email with a zip file to download these sound healings:

  1. Heart Vibrations

  2. Divine Love

  3. Full of Passion

  4. High Heart

  5. Heart Vibrations

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  The talisman rose quartz is a powerful tool that amplifies unconditional love by removing the blocks that our heart is weaving for years either for fear of being hurt or by simply leaving aside a moment of loving yourself. The talisman rose quartz belongs to the stones of crystal therapy or gem therapy that help balance your body, mind and spirit because the content of its minerals and other elements contain their own particular energy that enters your electromagnetic field and, consequently, arrives to your chakra system and it is distributed by your meridians and body systems.

Made with love Zayra Mo.