Sound Healing in the words of a neuroscientist and biophysicist. Fascinating!

I’m fascinated by sound baths not just for the quiet, subtle thrills that pure tones give to any breathing human. As a neuroscientist and biophysicist, I spent my career understanding the mathematical theory of how fluid brains interact with vibrating bodies, with the most relevant discoveries published in three research papers (see here, here and here). It turns out that coherent sound patterns can help nervous systems “tune” themselves, in the same general way tuning-forks help experts tune pianos or harps. A few months ago, I validated that explanation in person with Aurelio, the man who founded the world’s most prestigious sound-bath workshop called Svaram in Auroville, India. Aurelio and I agree on how sonic waves heal human bodies.

That insight matters, because sound baths — like many “alternative” therapies that use live humans — have amazing cost/benefit ratios, delivering happiness fast and cheap. Yet such therapies get short shrift in monetized media, precisely because they have so little profit and centralized messaging. The NYT article, for example, gave lots of examples and quotes, but didn’t distinguish between practices or explain why they work.

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