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Im very happy to announce the Sound Baths Online Series where you can join in the comfort of your home through the magic of Internet.

Im going to transmit live my sessions every month. So click the image below to register for the next session to access the private link where Im going to give you the power of sound healing.

A sound bath is a relaxation technique and meditative experience whereby participants ‘bathe’ in the sound waves produced by the human voice as well as instruments such as chimes and singing bowls.

Fans of sound baths say they have a profoundly calming effect as the vibrations wash over you. Mo's performances use a variety of frequencies as a vibrational sound healing where your body will receive the specific frequencies of each crystal singing bowl to create the effect of entrainment or synchronization to "copy" the natural frequency your organs, bones and more suppose to be. In this healing process, the organs release hormones like endorphins (the anti-pain hormone), the serotonin (the happy hormone) and the melatonin (the sleeping, youthfulness and visionary hormone).

Singing bowl therapy dates back to the 12th century and has been used for meditation and rituals in Tibetan culture. Bowls produce a deep, penetrating sound that’s used to relax and repair the mind. A 2016 study found that singing bowl meditation reduced stress, anger, depression, and fatigue. All of these things are known to impact physical health and raise the risk for disease, suggesting that singing bowl therapy may be good for your physical, as well as emotional, well-being.

Some of the benefits:

- stress reduction

- decreased anxiety and depression

- improved memory

- pain reduction

Made with love Zayra Mo.