Read The 12 Best Sellers Meditation Books

Meditation refers to a state where your body and mind are consciously relaxed and focused. Practitioners of this art report increased awareness, focus, and concentration, as well as a more positive outlook in life.

Here the 12 best seller meditation books people loved and practice with it:

1. Guided Mindfulness Meditation

A Complete Guided Mindfulness Meditation Program from Jon Kabat-Zinn

Price: $29.95

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Perhaps no other person has done more to bring mindfulness meditation into the contemporary landscape of America than Jon Kabat-Zinn. Through a number of research studies, and through Kabat-Zinn's pioneering work at the University of Massachusetts Medical School where he is founder of its world-renowned Stress Reduction Clinic, mindfulness is finally being recognized as a highly effective tool for dealing with stress, chronic pain, and other illnesses.

2. Self-Compassion Step by Step

The Proven Power of Being Kind to Yourself

Price: $39.18

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"We often become our own worst critic because we believe it's necessary to keep ourselves motivated," says Dr. Neff, "but in fact the research shows that healthy self-compassion increases our inner drive, our resilience to setbacks, and our ability to excel at work and in every aspect of life." With Self-Compassion Step by Step, she presents a powerful training course that is both accessible and profoundly transformative—a practical approach for creating a life of greater happiness, fulfillment, and love.

3. Radical Self-Acceptance

A Buddhist Guide to Freeing Yourself from Shame

Price: $13.14

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On Radical Self-Acceptance, this respected clinical psychologist and Buddhist meditation teacher shows you how to free yourself from the grip of your insecurities about being good enough.

4. Healing Trauma

A Pioneering Program for Restoring the Wisdom of Your Body

Price: $13.56

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Researchers have shown that survivors of accidents, disaster, and childhood trauma often endure lifelong symptoms ranging from anxiety and depression to unexplained physical pain, fatigue, illness, and harmful "acting out" behaviors. Today, professionals and clients in both the bodywork and the psychotherapeutic fields nationwide are turning to Peter A. Levine's breakthrough Somatic Experiencing® methods to actively overcome these challenges.

5. Somatic Descent

Experiencing the Ultimate Intelligence of the Body

Price: $72.78

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You have within you the ultimate guide for your life—a direct connection to the deepest wisdom needed at this very moment. With this in-depth training program, Dr. Reggie Ray teaches us how to go beyond the veil of the thinking mind to tap the vast intelligence of your body. Informed by more than four decades of scholarship and practice, Reggie shares somatic insights and protocols to access embodied awareness and the source of immediate fulfillment.

6. Mindfulness for Beginners

Explore the Infinite Potential that Lies Within This Very Moment

Price: $13.97

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On Mindfulness for Beginners, this internationally known scientist, bestselling author, and teacher who brought mindfulness meditation into the mainstream of medicine and society gives you immediate access to a practice that can potentially add years to your life, and will certainly enhance the quality of your moments and your years.

7. The Pema Chödrön Audio Collection

Guidance for the Path to True Happiness

Price: $22.38

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Pema Chödrön, one of the West's most beloved teachers of Buddhism, makes the Tibetan vajrayana tradition accessible in today's world. Now three of her most popular teachings are available in one boxed set, The Pema Chödrön Collection, which includes:

Pure Meditation—Step-by-step instruction in Tibetan Buddhism's pinnacle practice for transformation and letting go;

Good Medicine—Teachings in tonglen, an elegant meditation that allows us to use our troubles to befriend ourselves and widen our circle of compassion; and

From Fear to Fearlessness—Antidote to fear in the four noble aspirations: maitri (loving-kindness), compassion, joy, and equanimity.

For the first time, enjoy over seven hours of Ani Pema's trademark humor and a down-to-earth style in one collectors edition.

8. Guided Meditation

Six Essential Practices to Cultivate Love, Awareness, and Wisdom

Price: $11.18

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As anyone who has tried it knows, meditation looks simple, but at times it can be difficult. The most potential you can have on your contemplative path is a trusted teacher like Jack Kornfield, who stands out as one of the most helpful and encouraging Western instructors for newcomers to the art of meditation.

With Guided Meditation, this renowned Buddhist teacher brings you six practices that will open the door to the serenity and joy of meditation, and serve as your foundation for years to come.

9. The Yin and Yang of Self-Compassion

Cultivating Kindness and Strength in the Face of Difficulty

Price: $17.47

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A vast body of research shows that the skill of self-compassion can deeply calm and heal us. But there's also a fierce “momma bear” side of self-compassion. And all of us—especially women—need it more than ever. In the face of a threatening or unjust situation, have you ever kept silent because you didn't want to rock the boat or make things worse? And then, did you wonder: “Next time, how can I become stronger and more effective?” That’s the purpose of The Yin and Yang of Self-Compassion. Kristin Neff, PhD, created this inspiring audio program to help you understand and build the two complementary aspects of this crucial skill: The receptive Yin side self-compassion—how to soothe and comfort yourself when you’re in pain and rest in loving, connected presence when alone or with those you care about.  The active Yang side self-compassion—how to see the truth of a situation with courage, protect yourself, and stand strong with others in the face of hostility or harm.

In the years since Kristin Neff and her colleagues first identified the trait of self-compassion, we’ve learned that being kind to ourselves does not weaken us. In fact, just the opposite is true: it makes us more confident, grounded, and resilient amid crisis.

10. Mindfulness for Beginners

Reclaiming the Present Moment—and Your Life

Price: $14.95

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We may long for wholeness, suggests Jon Kabat-Zinn, but the truth is that it is already here and already ours. The practice of mindfulness holds the possibility of not just a fleeting sense of contentment, but a true embracing of a deeper unity that envelops and permeates our lives. With Mindfulness for Beginners you are invited to learn how to transform your relationship to the way you think, feel, love, work, and play—and thereby awaken to and embody more completely who you really are.

Here, the teacher, scientist, and clinician who first demonstrated the benefits of mindfulness within mainstream Western medicine offers a book that you can use in three unique ways: as a collection of reflections and practices to be opened and explored at random; as an illuminating and engaging start-to-finish read; or as an unfolding “lesson-a-day” primer on mindfulness practice.

11. Mindfulness Meditation for Pain Relief

Guided Practices for Reclaiming Your Body and Your Life

Price: $13.97

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If you're reading this, chances are that your life, or the life of someone you know, is shaped by pain—and by the physical and emotional suffering that usually accompany it.

  • Mindfulness of breathing—how to “put out the welcome mat” for whatever arises in one's experience

  • What to do about pain—how to work with intense and unwanted sensations

  • Working with thoughts and emotions—how to avoid identifying with your experience of pain and instead see sensations and thoughts as sensations and thoughts

  • Resting in awareness—a three-minute mindful pause to restore balance, resilience, and self-compassion

  • Mindfulness in everyday life—allowing the nitty-gritty of one's daily life to be both the ultimate meditation teacher and the real meditation practice

12. Meditation and Psychotherapy

A Professional Training Course for Integrating Mindfulness into Clinical Practice

Price: $44.78

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Healing is a process of coming home to one's authentic self—to the loving presence that is the ground of our being. But we often get trapped by the false refuges of fear-based habits and judgmental thoughts.

To help us bring the fruits of mindfulness practice into our lives for healing and transformation, Dr. Tara Brach offers Meditation and Psychotherapy.

Created for mental health professionals and illuminating to anyone interested in the core techniques, practices, and insights of Buddhist psychology, this experience-focused audio learning program helps us find our way back to natural presence, a place where peace and our deep love for life grows.

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