Do you want to strengthen your immune system against the coronavirus? Here 55 resources for it.

In the face of the outbreak of COVID19 - coronavirus - much has been said that the most important thing to combat this disease is to have a strong immune system. And for that, you have to avoid stress. One of the many techniques is meditation, sound therapy and breathing exercises. And there is plenty of that here!

So I invite you to see, listen and practice the meditations, sound therapies and information that I have available. For example:

35 Sound Therapy and Mindfulness Meditations in the RELAX LAUNCH CLICK HERE TO START!

EBOOK The Art of Meditation where you will learn this technique in a simple way and how powerful is in this moments of chaos, miss-information and a lot of stress!

My video Masterclass - Sound Therapy! where you will learn and practice and RELAX with my music! CLICK HERE TO START!

And because you are going to have a lot of time to be at home, learn more about how to relax in my blog! Click HERE to enjoy it!

But, if you still want a personalized and live sound bath, I create this online 1-1 special booking for the occasion where we can meet through Skype. I will prescribe your sound therapy according to your needs and teach you how to do the breathing exercises and stretching. Book Here!

Made with love Zayra Mo.