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The Power of Chakras Book and 45 Wisdom Cart Set - BOX - Soul Books


Increase energy and vitality by improving energy flow throughout your body.

'The Power of Chakras' contains a 64-page book and 48 striking affirmation cards. This gift box is perfect for those curious about the seven centres of spiritual power and energy contained in the human body.  

'The Power of Chakras' explores the astonishing energy of the seven chakras and how to manage them for health, healing and wellbeing.

What's Included

  • A 64-page The Power of Chakras book explains the key principles of the seven chakras and guides you through how to use chakra exercises, meditations, breathing visualizations, sounds, and healing techniques to maintain balance and encourage personal growth.
  • 48 affirmation cards feature affirmations based on each chakra that you can use as a mantra throughout your day.
  • Chakra Poster is a handy reference tood featuring core information about each chakra, which you can place in your home or meditation area.

Customer Reviews

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Lauren Pierce

This was the only place I found these cards and I really wanted them! They’re great and I love them but they’re just like paper and they’re not really sturdy or good for shuffling

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