Magic Finger Labyrinth

11" Gold Finger Labyrinth for Meditation or Relax & Decor - A Handmade Kit with Aromatherapy - Epoxy and Glitter

$125 $150
11" CLASSICAL CRETAN FINGER LABYRINTH. This kit comes with a linen drawstring case and Aromatherapy Oil Bottle.

Following the path through this labyrinth with your finger helps to enhance concentration and mindfulness. Like the path of life itself, with it's twist & turns, the path through the labyrinth is full of surprises. The finger labyrinth is a fascinating instrument for meditation and gifts you with peace and mindfulness.

Meditate, Relax and Focus on your spiritual journey with our hand-polished resin or epoxy with glitter labyrinth. Keep on your desk, by your bed or bring with you while traveling.

The Labyrinth dates back to the 4th century and became popular as a substitute for pilgrimages to the Holy Lands. There is powerful healing [a letting go] that can occur when walking or using a finger labyrinth.

HANDCRAFTED FROM START TO FINISH. Because is handcrafted, every finger labyrinth might come a little individual.

Size: 11" Diameter

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